Boxcar Inspiration

The name Boxcar Leather came from the family property landmark in Nathrop, CO. If you have driven through you couldn’t miss the big, red, boxcar right off the highway. There was a train wreck in the 60’s and Brennan’s grandpa was told he could have the boxcar if he could move it. So he did, and there it sits as storage for mineral and whatnot for the cows and a great backdrop for pictures.


About the maker.

My name is Ashleigh and I am 23 years old and living my dream. I skipped out on the whole college thing and instead got my commercial driver’s license(yes, like to drive an 18 wheeler) and then married my best friend, Brennan, in 2017. We had just our first son, Leroy this past April. Those two are my whole world. When I’m not working leather or silver, you can find me out with them building fences or taking care of our small bunch of cows.

I have tinkered with making jewelry for years now and have really enjoyed starting to learn to silversmith this past year! 

Leather was something that fascinated me for quite some time as well. When Brennan and I got married, his dad let me mess around with his 4H leather kit from fourth grade and he hasn’t got it back yet! Although, now I have acquired so many more tools that I’m not sure I’d know what to put back in it if he asked! I look back at some of my projects and wonder what I was thinking but it also makes me excited about how far I have come! 

Feel free to follow along on my journey!

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My Logo was created by Zeke Proctor. Check his work out on Instagram! @cattlebrandsig

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